5 Essential Tips for Bikers Riding in Winter

They say that spring and summer are the best times to explore hidden beauties of nature and hit the open roads that can take us to remote and often breathtaking destinations. On the other hand, we all know that a true biker is never limited by things as trivial as changes in thermometer, a few drops of rain, or a thin layer of snow on the road since they want to be able to enjoy their adventures throughout the entire year. So, if you also belong to a group of those who don’t actually believe that winters are reserved for cuddling with your biker match under the blanket, then you should definitely continue reading.

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#1 Layer up & Protect your Skin

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious when it comes to cold weather. You should prepare well for the trip and this understands at least two layers of clothing, but also covering up all the exposed skin (hands, neck) because this way you’ll be fully protected from the chill. A full-face helmet is also a must as it can save you from the vile wind so make sure to include it in your winter gear as well. Keep in mind that glass on the helmet can become foggy due to condensation which is the result of breathing, so do make sure to keep the bottom part of the visor partially open in order to reduce the fogging.

#2 Wear the Gloves

This one is closely related to what we mentioned above. Wind-chills can be nasty indeed and they can also drastically affect your subjective feeling about the temperature, even when it’s actually not that cold outside. This means that gloves can come in quite handy in terms of providing an additional protection, and we warmly suggest you purchasing a pair of high-quality leather ones since these can serve a double purpose, which is to keep your hands warm while fighting off the wind.

#3 Increase your visibility

There are several ways to increase your visibility on the road, which is mandatory in winter, especially when the fog is thicker than usual. Firstly, you can avoid wearing black head-to-toe riding gear, regardless of how much you think biker women find it appealing. Secondly, you can install reflectors on your machine and ride in low beam. Last, but not least you can use the road lanes for references.

#4 Skip Alcohol

Alcohol is always tempting, and this goes double for the wintry days when we think of it as the fastest way to get warm. And while t’s okay to have a few drinks in one of your favorite motorcycle clubs when it’s pouring cats and dogs outside so there’s nothing cool about riding, you should definitely pass on the alcohol because it can only get you in trouble if you’re about to hit the road. Firstly, drinking and driving is irresponsible and secondly, booze will only give you a temporary sense of warmth while you’re actually going to lose it sooner than you normally would.

#5 Your bike will requre some extra care in winter

This means that you should be able to park it in a closed area in order to protect it from bad weather. You can also cover it with an old blanket and thus secure an additional protection. You think you’re the only one who can’t stand low temperatures? Well, think again.

Do you enjoy riding in winter? What are your experiences so far? You can tell us all about it in the comments below!

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