5 Risks You Need To Bear In Mind Before Buying A Bike

Even though it looks and feels quite awesome, riding a bike is anything but simple. There are a lot of factors involved, so before you decide to buy yourself a large motorcycle just so you could impress a hot biker match, make sure to look into all the pros and cons. However, we’re not going to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t buy a mean two-wheeler. Instead, we’re going to talk about 5 big risks you need to consider before making that big decision.

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Road Hazards Can Be Extremely Dangerous

If you truly wish to become one of those super cool biker men, you need to be aware of all the risks, this one in particular. Why are road hazards such a big danger for riders? Well, it’s because controlling a bike is incredibly hard and sudden changes on the road (bumps, gravel, sand, oil, etc.) can make you lose control and fall off your motorcycle. Sadly, people who are maintaining the roads usually don’t understand what it’s like to ride a bike, so they often forget to eliminate those hazards.

Car Drivers Often Don’t See Bikers

Once you meet local bikers, every single one of them will tell you the same thing – car drivers are completely unaware of motorcyclists on the road. You need to remember this once you buy yourself a powerful bike. People who are driving their cars are only aware of other cars and buses on the road. So, when they’re changing the lane, they simply don’t see riders in their rearview mirrors. This is exactly why you need to keep your eyes open at all times. You have to drive defensively and keep your distance, or else you may end up injured.

Bad Weather Makes Riding Complicated

If you have a car, rain or snow won’t make your life miserable. If you’re a biker, however, bad weather can make commuting ten times more difficult and dangerous. You see, when you’re riding a two-wheeler you don’t have such a solid grip on the surface beneath you. This means that every single puddle or a small patch of black ice on the road can cause a potentially fatal accident. This is why riding a bike during rainy days and winter is ill-advised.

Falling Off The Motorcycle Can Be Fatal

Since we already mentioned the dangerous road hazards, we should also explain why falling off your bike might be fatal. Unlike car drivers, motorcyclists don’t have a comfortable and solid cabin filled with airbags to protect them in case of an accident. Instead, they’re falling directly on the pavement. Considering the speed and lack of protection, it’s pretty easy to understand why most bike crashes turn out to be fatal.

Long Journeys Can Be Tricky

When you’re going on a long ride, you have to be prepared for some unexpected malfunctions and engine failures. Bear in mind that if something like this happens, you won’t have anywhere to hide. You will be exposed to the elements and that can be rather unpleasant and borderline dangerous. This is why you need to keep your bike in a perfect condition.

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