7 Crucial Tips For Dating A Widower Successfully [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to romance and love life, there are no easy or simple tasks. Instead, there are many rules you need to follow in order to have fulfilling relationships. The case is no different when you’re dating a widower. These men have been through a lot of horrible and painful things, which means you need to have a completely different approach when dating them. Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t have this in mind, so if you want to stand out and have a successful relationship with a widower, pay attention to these 7 absolutely crucial tips!

dating a widower

Follow His Pace

The very first rule about widowers dating other women is that the lady simply needs to follow his pace. He’s the one who is getting back on the market and that means that he needs to call the shots in order to feel comfortable. This is why you must never rush your date into anything. Let him set the tone and tempo, and he’ll be more than grateful. For this strategy, you’ll need a big dose of patience, of course. So, brace yourself.

Respect His Wishes

There’s a strong possibility that your companion will have some pretty unconventional wishes and requests. In order to gain his trust, you’ll have to respect them. Of course, if you’re not comfortable with some of his requests, feel free not to indulge him. However, you won’t have to worry because these wishes are usually harmless and simple. Consider them as some sort of a test you need to pass before he’s convinced that you’re here to stay.

Always Be Yourself

Believe it or not, this is one of the most important tips you need to check out before you even consider dating a widowed man. Widowers are allergic to phonies and liars. So, if you want to get on their good side, you must always be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else just to impress your match, because you’ll only chase him away.

Don’t Try To Replace Or Imitate His Late Wife

This is, definitely, the most frequent mistake all women make when dating a man whose wife passed away. Bear in mind that he already feels a huge amount of guilt for moving on with his love life, so he doesn’t want to be reminded of his late wife every time he looks at you. This is exactly why you must not try to replace or imitate his dead spouse. He will be disgusted and offended if you do such a thing.

Don’t Engage In Sexual Activities Until He’s Ready

We already mentioned that you should never rush your date into anything, and this goes double when it comes to sex. Lovemaking is a very intimate and intense experience, and most widowers are not ready to jump into bed with a new girlfriend right away. They need time to process things and prepare for this new encounter. The majority of them feels like their cheating on their deceased wife, and eliminating that guilt can take some time. Therefore, you must be patient every step of the way. Flirt with him, give him hints but allow him to make the first move. This way you won’t freak him out and the sex will be fantastic.

Make Sure To Give Him Some Space

Guys, especially widowers, need their “alone” time. Don’t take this the wrong way, he’s not tired of you, he just needs to isolate from the rest of the world every once in a while. This is why it’s absolutely essential to give him his much-needed space. Smothering him won’t bring you any good, believe us.

Don’t Force Him To Meet Your Family And Friends

Remember, his wife was a huge part of his entire life, which means her family became his family too. This makes it incredibly hard for him to make room in his heart for new people. It’s really important for you to understand that and not force him into meeting your closest friends and family members. He will eventually meet them all, but as we said at the beginning, he needs to do this on his own terms.