What to expect from HIV Dating Sites [INFOGRAPHIC]

Disclosing your HIV positive status is never a comfortable experience, even for more seasoned among users of HIV dating sites. This isn’t unusual though, as many poz people usually have a hard time fighting off an omnipresent feeling of shame. On the other hand, they also feel like they are publicly branded due to their infection.

HIV dating sites

This cannot be farther from the truth, especially with all available antiretroviral treatments, which help to keep the virus under control and allow individuals to lead healthier lives. Still, one can’t that easily cope with the burden of being infected with a virus for which the cure isn’t found yet, either.

That being said, accepting your status and moving on with your life as quickly as possible is the best thing you can do for yourself. In this sense, going online to find friendship or even a relationship can be a great step toward improving the quality of your social life. Additionally, we can help you understand better what awaits you online and why it can be beneficial for you in general.

When to go online?

Give yourself the necessary time to contemplate your condition. Try to be as objective as possible and set some realistic goals that can be achieved without any major obstacles and then find a way to incorporate them into your daily routine. The life goes on and we only get to live it once despite all the hardships we’re encountering along the way. And while someone is bound to struggle with an autoimmune disease, for instance, there are also people who were seriously injured in traffic accidents that crippled them physically and made their lives utterly different than before.  What all these people have in common, though, is that they decided to fight the obstacles and try to live their lives despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding them.  And you should do it too. So, if you’re having depressing episodes don’t hesitate to get in touch with a specialized therapist who can help you overcome your current mood. You can also turn to your closest friends and family if they proved to be supportive and you’ll see how everything becomes easier as the days go by. And once you’re ready to go on with your life you can find an appropriate HIV dating platform and finally start meeting people who are dealing with the same problems as you.

What’s in it for you?

Firstly, it’s much easier to communicate to someone when you’re not accompanied by feeling that you somehow have to justify all your past actions because the chances are they are in the same boat. Moreover, an online friendship can additionally help you overcome your gloomy mood because you’ll realize you’re not the only one who’s been troubled by pessimistic thoughts. Further, you can finally be yourself but without sometimes a tiresome eye contact and all this while in a safe zone that is your home. You can talk about your ART at first, for instance, and once you feel like you’ve really connected, you can gradually pass to more optimistic and personal topics, which will help you continue with your regular life. Talking to other people about things as intimate as these can give you a valuable insight in terms of what to expect further, but you can also get some other valuable pieces of advice on how to live a quality life because God knows wisdom usually lurks in most unexpected places. On the other hand, you can also help others in a by offering them your knowledge and this is something that can make you feel better about yourself too. Just remember that finding the right HIV dating community can be of the utmost importance for building a proper support system for the future.

Can I ever dream of Romance?

HIV positive dating is just like any other form of dating, with all its ups and downs and is sometimes basically a game of numbers because you have to be consistent if you want to meet your soul mate. Dating other HIV singles can be actually beneficial for you due to many reasons. First, you can develop a strong bond with another individual based on your mutual, positive status. It’s not that we are suggesting that you should be satisfied with anyone who crosses your path just because they’re in the same situation. No, the chemistry is equally important, we admit it, but it’s just that being with someone who is also HIV positive can make things significantly easier for you.You probably noticed that big ugly elephant in the room that appears every time when you decide to mention your status? Well, there is definitely a way to avoid it by opting to look out for a partner on HIV dating site.

Have you already tried some of HIV dating sites? Was it a good experience? If not, where did you meet your partner? If you feel like it, you can share your story in the comment section below!

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