Things Cowboys Love In A Partner [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most country boys are pretty tough and capable, but even they have certain needs and requirements when it comes to their partners. Even though they don’t like talking about it, there are some traits they prefer in a woman. So, gals, if you’re interested in being in a relationship with a cowboy, you should definitely stick around and see how to impress your lovely western match. Now, without further ado, here are some of the characteristics country boys love to see in a partner.

western match

They Love It When A Women Is Not Afraid To Get Her Hands Dirty

This has nothing to do with sex, just to make that clear right off the bat. Joking aside, every single guy on any cowboy dating service will tell you that he appreciates when a woman is capable and hard-working. Cowboys don’t like gentle city gals. No, they want a strong, independent woman who is ready to help around the house and the ranch. If you’re able to do that on a regular basis, you definitely have a chance of hooking up with a hot country boy. Don’t worry, your partner will always be there to help you out with difficult tasks and that’s one of the reasons why you should date a cowboy.

These Guys Love Outdoorsy Girls

Cowboys spend most of their time out in the open. They work on a farm or on a ranch and they only come inside to eat and sleep. Even though this might sound like a hard life, these fellas actually enjoy their lifestyle. They love being one with nature and the great outdoors allows them just that. So, logically, most of these ranchers and farmers are looking for a girl who is also in love with the Mother Nature. Therefore, if you want to impress your cowboy, make sure to convince him that you’re an outdoorsy gal!

Country Boys Appreciate Loyalty And Honesty

These men were raised by people who believe in a certain code and noble ways. This is why most of them appreciate honesty and loyalty, especially in a woman. They had perfect mom figures in their life during their childhood, so it’s perfectly understandable that they have such high standards and expectations. If you want to have something serious with these fellas, you need to be completely straightforward and honest right from the start. You must never lie to them or flirt with someone behind their back. They appreciate loyalty and integrity, so whatever you do, make sure to be true to your word. They will know how to reward this type of behavior, trust us.

They Love Women Who Can Dance

At first, cowboys can look a bit too strict and stiff, but that’s not true at all. Of course, they have their code and old-fashioned beliefs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t know how to have a good time. Quite the contrary, these boys are pretty wild at parties, concerts, and ballroom dances. This is exactly why they require a partner who won’t mind hitting the dancefloor with them on a Saturday night. Cowboys are great dancers and they tend to express themselves and their feelings through this ancient form of communication. Therefore, in order for him to accept you completely, feel free to ask him out on a dance. He will be absolutely impressed by your bravery and straightforward approach. They simply love to dance in pairs!

These Fellas Like Girls With Manners

Like we said, county boys love girls who can be wild every once in a while, but at the same time, they want to be with a proper lady. They are looking for someone who has manners and knows how to behave on a farm and at the fancy promenade. If you can be that gal, your cowboy will be completely dazzled, no doubt about that! Show him that you’re a fun, hardworking lady who can dance better than him and he will be yours until the very end of his days.