Top 3 Things You Have To Know About HIV Dating Before You Go Online

Although HIV dating is pretty normal these days, some people still avoid it in wide circles. If you are tired of explaining that HIV is not that big of deal as it was in the 70’s and that with the right treatment you can have a normal life just as anyone else, try going online. On HIV dating sites you will find a huge dating community. These people are well informed about HIV, some of them are positive, some negative, but they are all willing to be in a relationship with a positive person. They don’t care about your condition, they are more concentrated on what kind of person you are. If you are willing to test the online waters, here are some things you must know.

HIV dating

No whining

Let’s face it, living with HIV isn’t a piece of cake, but if you  are having problems dealing with your situation join a group therapy, not a dating site. Online users are looking for someone who will make them smile and show them a good time, not someone who will put them down. It is dating, not therapy, so keep your problems to yourself.

Forget about your condition

Don’t obsess about being HIV positive. Don’t let this virus control your life. When you are dating focus on more important things, like getting to know your date, their interests, likes and dislikes. HIV dating online is not that different from any other kind of dating. Just try to relax and have some fun.

HIV has nothing to do with love

We agree, in order to have a successful relationship you and your partner have to have something in common. Just keep in mind that HIV doesn’t make the cut. It is nice someone to have to talk about your condition and problems it causes you, but if that is all you talk about and you have nothing else to say to each other, move on. Find someone who shares your passions, who likes the same things as you do and has the same life goals. The huge plus of dating sites is that you can talk to as many people as you want. You will surely find someone who matches your criteria.